GeoSafari Frequently Asked Questions

GeoSafari is a  GeoNet telecom network mobile calling App for VOIP, SMS and IM.

You can download it on Google Playstore or Apple store using your smartphone.

No. GeoSafari can only be installed on your android or IOS smartphone.


GeoSafari has various TopUp/ recharge options displayed on the recharge menu e.g. M-Pesa, Paypal.  

To use Mpesa Top up, follow the steps: select recharge, Mpesa, input the safaricom number with mpesa, select the amount and finally click confirm. A dialog box from Mpesa will pop out for you to authorize the transaction.

To get PayPal account go to www.paypal.com and create account. If you have account on www.gogeonet.com platform, make payment there and call customer support to transfer that credit to GeoSafari, this is until we finalize merging GeoSafari and gogeonet system.

M-PESA is only valid to users on the Safaricom Network.


For Kenya it is Ksh. 30 while for USD its $5.0.
FAKE GEOSAFARI’s will ask you for CREDIT CARDS. GeoSafari from GeoNet Communications Does NOT Ask for your Credit Card when you are Downloading or Installing.


On the menu (…) click at rates and type in the country code of the country you wish to call and the rate will be displayed. for example, Kenya:- 254. Rates are also always display on you handset as you make a call.


You will need internet connection to make a GeoSafari-GeoSafari call, however you can still call directly to anyone’s mobile or landline number, they don’t have to be connected to the internet or even have the App installed on their phone. In other words the caller has to have be online (internet),but the callee does not need to be on internet or have a smart phone or GeoSafari installed.


Yes you can, anyone can call your GeoSafari line so long as your GeoSafari is connected to the internet.


Yes you can use GeoSafari to send SMS as well as IM (Instant messaging).


SMS costs Ksh. 1 and USD accounts is 2 cents, while IM (Instant Messaging) is free.


Yes you can create groups on GeoSafari.


Your account balance is always displayed on the top Right side of GeoSafari screen.


Unlike other calling Apps, you can use GeoSafari to call anyone on their landline or mobile phone, they don’t necessarily have to have installed GeoSafari, especially those who do not have smartphones.


Log into myaccount.geosafari.co with your username and password. Click 'My Profile' and you will see a provision to change your password.


Dial: *22*numbertoforwardto*1# and send.


*22*numbertostop*0# and send.


Check if you have any active internet subscriptions or internet connection.

If you are connected to the internet but still displaying( Registering... with an Amber dot on the right side), logout of GeoSafari and login again and check if it  has registered, if not, Uninstall and Reinstall your GeoSafari and sign up again, your balance and contact details will not be lost.


GeoSafari username should NOT be changed. This will cause GeoSafari not to function.


While reinstalling, do not select Login but sign up like its the first time. The same GeoSafari contacts and balance that were there before will be re-assigned automatically.







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